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Eagle digital quality

Digital quality Eagle

Eagle digital quality identifies and evaluates web digital realities based on objective and verifiable criteria.

It also recognizes a badge that identifies and recognizes digital excellence especially in reference to SEO, organic positioning in the Google and Bing search engines, security and speed of internet projects.

The section contains two areas:

  • Best web agencies and best SEO consultants, 🔺
  • Reporting on the page good web agencies and SEO consultants 🏷️
  • Articles on online marketing, exclusively 🆗
  • Articles on web marketing already online with only the report ✅️

The rationale of the project

  • Give tangible recognition of the achieved results.
  • Collaborate considering that even in this field, being part of a group you belong to creates strength and cohesion (if you don't have the parameters to be included, we can help you achieve them).
  • Offering business and professional users that we actually have the factual and technical parameters.
  • Give food for thought and study, as well as research by publishing articles.

Digital quality

Best agencies, web agencies and SEO consultants

There is no doubt that the best SEO consultants and the best web agencies are able to increase traffic to your website and improve the visibility of your online business.
But how do you know which consultant or agency is best for you?

In reality, there is no simple answer to this question.

It depends on several factors, such as the type of business you run, your goals, your budget, and so on.

It is important to clarify that these entries are not paid, like the various online rankings and are based on objective parameters.

In summary, we can write that the best SEO consultants and the best web agencies are the ones that help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently, that is, they reach the finish line, with optimal costs and benefits.

  It's not just a question of bringing more traffic to your site, but also of ensuring concrete convenience and trust over time.

The best web agencies and the best SEO consultants divided by country

Eagle digital quality, offers the recognition badge to the best web agencies that have certain professional requirements, for SEO, speed and security, and good practices.

The parameters can be easily traced, and those who are registered can use the badge.

Anyone can apply for inclusion, or it will be Digital quality Eagle directly, based on the results actually achieved, to report the web marketing agencies and SEO consultants indicating the country.

Best web marketing agencies

Requirements to join (at least one requirement):

  1. The website of the web agency or SEO consultant must be on the first page of Google (or Bing, Ecosia, Rhesis fm) with the keyword "web agency + city" 🔺 (keyword written either in English for, or written in the language of the country you belong to and for country-specific Google);
  2. Or have excellent results also in the areas indicated by Google's PageSpeed (so everyone can check them, but we don't have any partnership with the same tool) in terms performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, always average, both in mobile versions. The two versions will be considered separately and with an average score of no less than 80/100. 🔺;
  3. SEO consultants and web marketing agencies can also collaborate in other ways, see specifications: 🏷️ "Good web agencies and SEO consultants".

More ways to collaborate

You can always insert an article written by you on an online marketing topic 🆗 (with a link to your site), or insert yourself in articles written by us always with a link to your website ✅️.