What is internet marketing? ✅️ How to implement it?

What is Internet marketing? How to apply it?

What is internet marketing?

The definition of web marketing is easily understandable if a similarity is implemented: it is marketing adapted to online, marketing dedicated to the web.

Web marketing and web communication strategies allow for weighted online visibility of websites, portals, pages and social networks.

The market is very generous, and in recent years it has allowed the birth of many web agencies in many cities and sectors, especially niche ones, in fact the job offers for web marketing are on the rise.

It is necessary to clarify some points immediately: having worked in serious projects on the web does not mean knowing how to carry out or structure web marketing strategies, in fact today the sectors have multiplied by inserting many intermediate and merely operational figures.

In summary

Online marketing can be defined as the promotion of brands, products and services using all strategies, actions of web marketing and online advertising. It is marketing referred to the web, digital sector and includes SEM (search engine marketing) which is divided into SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) which is divided into SMO and SMA.

You always have a reference market, a target, products and services and potential customers to implement and involve on your website or other web channels.

Web marketing activities include eg. inbound marketing, i.e. content marketing, email marketing, promotions on social networks, paid advertising, i.e. pay per click...

It's like interpersonal communication. Communicating well does not mean knowing the rules, and at the same time knowing the rules fragmentary and without real practice is an end in itself, it leads nowhere. As always, knowledge, application, comparison and a good capacity for synthesis and creativity are needed, this leads to specialization more and more...

The most important action of web marketing, decisive in the medium and long term and to be taken care of periodically, is the SEO activity: search engine positioning.

Usually companies that offer web marketing services carry out courses and grant a web marketing guide in PDF or real texts. But this can only be an aid for ordinary management, not for web marketing objectives that we have a lot of competition.

The greatest difficulty is that of calibrating and putting one's knowledge into practice without making important mistakes, therefore simply reading the numerous principles leads nowhere if we do not know how to apply them, manage them and, above all, if a vision of the whole is missing, but it can help not to underestimate an important aspect.

Web marketing services can be:

Actions aimed at the revision or creation of usable, light and in line with the target sites;
actions aimed at reviewing the visual communication of the site with the relative photos;
actions for choosing keywords and pages;
HTML review and optimization;
actions with SEO techniques;
Off-page SEO and on-page SEO;
paid, click actions (cost per click – CPC) related to the various search engines but which extend to partner networks;
blog management with creation of specific web pages;
online reputation;
indexing in various search engines and directories;
Treating the SMM;

The list would be very long. For some categories, there are many doors and specific actions to be taken…

The consultancy can be carried out throughout Italy, or even in other foreign countries, but it would be an excellent idea to know the company that offers you the web marketing service.
It may concern various aspects of online marketing or targeted SEO actions in Google, Bing, or another search engine, directed at a single city, region, or country.

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