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Online reputation

online reputation

The online reputation service, and online feedback, can have as its object and therefore concern both a private individual and a company, product or service.

It can be very useful to have a real-time check of your good online reputation, our service allows you to identify the web page, social network, IP address, domain name that mentioned our name or our brand.

Even the reputation of a website must be considered if it coincides with our brand, or company name, and could be the object of scam sites. In fact, some online stores are cloned to deceive customers.

The negative and positive implications that can be determined in such a chaotic and uncontrolled web are easily understood. In a country like ours, we find ourselves practically in a jungle with non-existent checks (not to mention professionalism), and with a very slow, if not useless, justice system.

The actions that can have a negative impact are:

  1. false and negative press releases
  2. sale of counterfeit products with company brands
  3. copyright infringement of texts and images (or websites)
  4. defamation
  5. website cloning
  6. diffusion of very personal images and videos
  7. false identities and boasted credit
  8. violation of privacy and/or profile
  9. negative reviews see how to increase positive reviews in google
  10. excessive slowness of the website, see how to speed up the website
  11. lack of security for site users, see how to make site secure

By now on the internet there is rigged information and counter-information, sometimes organized and which tend to harm people or companies.


Our services include a preliminary meeting also in video streaming, to understand the needs, requirements and objectives:
  • analysis of the online reputation of the brand, service - product, on the agreed or harmful keywords;
  • Control and verification of link building;
  • daily monitoring of all contents with special spiders that scan the whole web and identification of the words that interest us, signaling the specific page in order to view it;
  • documentation and testimony in the event of crimes, and support to specialized lawyers for related warnings and lawsuits;
  •   support for actions for the removal of untruthful online content (communicate with whoever disseminated it if intercepted, to remove the content, to the owner of the domain and hosting). Sometimes, it has happened that the Hosting itself has closed the related site after the domain owner had not complied.
  • Urging the company's customers to leave positive press releases, truthful about the service - product, with related strategies;
  • SEO actions for better visibility of positive content and obscure negative ones;
  • exhaustion of false content with actions that only we have devised;
  • relaunch of the image with the sending of targeted press releases
  • Verification and control of the SMM: social media marketing, SMO and SMA
  • Creation of a blog to promote communication and transparency with its users
  • Creation of social pages and social management