What is a Search Engine? 🆗 What does he do?

What is a search engine? What does he do?

Registration, indexing on search engines

What is a search engine?

The portal aims to inform, train and disseminate news concerning search engines, web marketing, and SEO, in Italy and around the world.

Aware that information and misinformation, as well as general marketing visibility, passes through these filters.

Our intention is to involve schools, with children of any age, for courses, research projects, bodies, institutions and companies that in Italy are losing the global challenge every day.

With regard to registration in search engines, which is defined as indexing, we refer to the courses or the service offered by the same company mentioned, but two things must be specified:

It is good to do it manually, consider the characteristics of each one.

Do not use automated programs.

Search engine definition, and what is it?

Search engines are containers, or rather virtual roads, links – SERPs, which lead to specific keywords as results for specific sites and web pages, SERPs.

The SERPs are the result of a request, which analyzes a set of keywords and displays an index of web pages that are considered more in line, and consistent, with the search performed.

The classification is, therefore, given by a prevailing character of conformity and authority. All this was determined in a few moments with statistical-mathematical relationships, logarithms, which indicate the degree of relevance.

The company that offers projects on international search engines, simple or advanced, is Ieros web marketing agency in Rome, Italy.

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What are search engines?

The most famous, most used and best search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, even if social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are becoming so too, albeit with specific particularities.

Search engines are free and try to find the best possible results for their users, but this is sometimes not easy; not to mention that an internal marketing department. The same companies that govern the various engines can decide to sell some results by determining; if not carefully thought out and planned, inconsistent or poor quality ads, which could undermine the credibility of the search engine, as happened with the most famous search engine of the past... By now, declining like AltaVista (in truth the same with a different policy and with an even innovative rationale, it is trying to relaunch itself).